Nic Wingate

Nic Wingate Photographer and Printer

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Photographer and Printer
About the Event
Photography: landscape, portrait, products and 360 degree product, jewellery, events and live stage. Large format printing: Fine art prints on archival papers and canvases.
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Photography/Film/New Media, Printmaking
01984 629328
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Further Information

Photography has been a lifelong interest for Nic and his interesting and varied career has provided the opportunity for a wide range of photographic experiences.

After a professional training in photography and graphic design at art college Nicís ability to respond to the opportunities life presents took him across much of the northern hemisphere. Initial work as a press photographer evolved into working in the motor industry and the opportunity to drive performance sports cars across Europe. This was in complete contrast to a later role, and many adventures, as a truck driver working in the Middle East.

Nicís technological and engineering skills were put to good use when he moves on to develop a successful career in the energy industry working with oil, nuclear and conventional power. This provided the chance for more travel and photographic challenges working with companies based in Africa, Canada and America.

For the last decade Nic has been based in West Somerset and although the prospects for travel are more limited the pursuit of opportunities and drive to get the best result possible are very much reflected in his work. Backing up the photography is an in-depth knowledge of specialist printing technology which, alongside Nicís graphic design skills, form a significant part of his business. Nic is becoming recognised for his ability to work closely with the art world and provide a specialist service to artists interested in capturing original images in order to produce limited edition prints.

Nic is always interested in taking commissioned photographic work and can offer a specialist printing service for reproducing artwork and the production of large printed images. Services offered:


We provide the following services:

  • Live stage for solo artists and groups.
  • People portraits, usually outdoors or at a favourite location.
  • Landscapes, wherever I am.
  • Public relations, including commercial and private events
  • Jewellery in various mediums: outside, light table or in water tanks.
  • Product photography for commerce, either in studio or on location.
  • 360 degree product photography Ė developed this year as a service to 3D artists to enable the viewer to see all around. View examples
  • Artist and event support, including photographing, exhibitions and artists products for advertising and printing.


We have several large Format Printing for Fine art prints on archival papers and canvases up to size B0 - 1000x1414mm.

Several services are offered:

  • Printing supplied artwork onto fine art paper or canvasses such as: Canson, Hahnemuhle and St Cuthbertís Mill.
  • Photographing and printing supplied art and creating limited edition prints.
  • Picture restorations Ėscanning/photographing images and producing digital prints.
  • Artist & Event support. We supply a variety of services: gallery front signs, roadside banners, outdoor flags, roller banners (850x2000mm) for internal use, Posters up to size BO (1000x1414mm), but usually A1, roadside direction signs (AA style), internal gallery signage, bio-boards, name plates, small run business cards. View examples
  • General printing and mounting onto various substrates with cold laminations.

Please view our website: or contact me by email: or phone 01984 629328.

Venue Information

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The Bear Inn Skittle Alley
10 North Street
For Venue Information
01984 623994
Disabled Access
No Disabled Access
Toilets Available
Dogs Allowed
Directions (By Car)
Along the B3227 to the lights in Wivey and turn up Town Hill to The Square. Turn to travel along North Street and The Bear Inn is on the right hand side.
North Street or Croft Way car parks

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